Ted Cruz: Immigration Bill Establishes ‘Affirmative Action’ For Illegals

by Dimitrios Halikias

Speaking today on the Rush Limbaugh show, Texas senator Ted Cruz said that the Senate immigration bill “sets up affirmative action — a strong preference in hiring — for those who are here illegally.” 

Cruz argued that because illegal immigrants who are granted legal status would be exempt from Obamacare, it would be cheaper for employers to hire them than to hire native-born workers. “If you’re a small-business owner,” said Cruz, “if you hire an American or if you hire a legal immigrant, you’re subject to a $2,000 dollar fine per employee if you’re not providing health-care under Obamacare. It’s a massive economic incentive for employers to not hire Americans.”

Cruz also said the bill would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, fail to secure the border, and cost the nation hundreds of billions of dollars in welfare benefits.

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