“Any Other Questions?”

by Jonah Goldberg

Dianna Degette is asked a pretty straightforward question: Since gun controllers like her are so found of repeating the phrase “if it saves one life it’s worth it” how come banning late-term abortions isn’t worth it?

As Allah Pundit writes:

So it turns out that constitutional rights do trump if-it-saves-just-one-life imperatives. Imagine that. The answer DeGette wants to give here, obviously, is that no “life” is in play until the baby emerges alive from the womb, or maybe even a few minutes after. (Planned Parenthood seems ambivalent about whether a doctor should be allowed to finish off an infant outside the womb if it survives the initial abortion attempt.) But that’s an answer Democrats seem increasingly uncomfortable offering publicly. When people look at the Gosnell photos or read the description of him keeping feet in jars as souvenirs and feel sick in their gut, how do you turn around and tell that that wasn’t “life”? Better to run away from the question or fall back on a non sequitur citing the fact that he was, after all, prosecuted. Of course he was prosecuted; the question is, should he have been? Should there be murder laws involved here at all? Watch the second clip for that, as McCormack himself asks her if she’d be comfortable banning abortion at any point of pregnancy. Only a fanatic would refuse to draw any line at all. Guess whether she draws one.

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