Hunting for Hypocrisy

by Ramesh Ponnuru

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Tex.), who’s an old friend of mine, has been arguing that a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants “is incredibly unfair to those who follow the rules.” A left-wing website is suggesting that this view is somehow in conflict with the fact that Cruz’s father “basically bribed his way in” to the U.S. Actually, the elder Cruz bribed his way out of Batista’s Cuba. I’m pretty sure that when Senator Cruz talks about the importance of the rule of law, he isn’t referring to the laws of a Cuban regime that no longer exists.

UPDATE: The left-wing site I cited got the germ of the idea from this NPR story, which quotes a lefty academic saying that Cruz ought to have sympathy for “nontraditional” immigration and then adds, “and yet Ted Cruz” opposes a path to citizenship. Talking Points Memo seems to be promoting the same idea.

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