Boehner to Manufacturers: U.S. Is ‘Nation of Builders’

by Katrina Trinko

In a speech today, House speaker John Boehner deplored the state of the economy and highlighted a series of measures he felt would help boost job creation.  

“Quarter after quarter, the growth numbers barely move, unemployment stays about the same, and we’re told not to read too much into it,” Boehner told the National Association of Manufacturers. “Experts call our condition ‘the new normal.’ Some even argue it is good enough for now. Well it is not good enough for me — not nearly good enough — and I know it is not good enough for you.”

Being a nation of builders means fostering innovation and keeping the Internet free for coders, developers, and engineers,” he added. “No, they don’t build roads and bridges, but they build the hardware, software, and the innovations that power our modern economy.”

Boehner also stressed the importance of energy development.

“Becoming a nation of builders again means finally pursuing a true “all of the above” energy strategy,” he said. “Developing North America’s energy resources is, in my view, one of our best opportunities for robust and sustained growth. It’s our new economic frontier, just as the Internet was in the 1990s.”




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