Flake: ‘We Will Have Sufficient Votes’ to Pass Amended Immigration Reform

by Will Allen

Senator Jeff Flake (R., Ariz.) appeared on The O’Reilly Factor to support the so-called Corker amendment, which will add stronger border-security measures to the immigration-reform bill currently before the Senate. Flake stated that the amendment, anticipated this weekend, includes “doubling the border patrol, also 700 miles of new fencing; the Border Patrol actually will be so thick . . . there will be a border agent every thousand feet.” Asked whether the additional security provisions will win over fellow Republicans who oppose the bill, Flake predicted that the amendment would bring “anywhere between 8 and 13 or 14 new members along . . . I think we’ll be close [to 70 votes] with this amendment.”  He added, “We will have sufficient votes, I think, with this stronger ‘border surge,’ if you will, to pass the bill.”  

The senator expects the House of Representatives to pass only the border-security part of the Senate proposal: “They will be unlikely to pass a big bill, but they’ll probably pass a border-security bill.” Flake also expects that the Senate will vote on the full legislation by the end of next week, and that a final version will reach President Obama’s desk by September.

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