Dem Rep.: Boehner Will Break ‘Hastert Rule’ on Immigration

by Andrew Johnson

​One Democratic representive said that John Boehner will bring immigration reform to the floor, even if a majority of his caucus doesn’t support it.

“It’s been clear from the very beginning the only way immigration passes in the House is if the Speaker violates the Hastert rule,” said California’s Adam Schiff on MSNBC this morning, meaning that the bill could pass with Democrat support and a minority of Republican support. Earlier this month, Boehner said he would abide by the principle on immigration.

“Now the Speaker has said he wouldn’t do that, but I think with the strong passage of a Senate bill, and with enormous public pressure — including pressure from the mainstream GOP leaders outside the House — that he’ll be forced to take up the bill and I think that will be the best outcome,” Schiff added.

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