Krauthammer’s Take: Domestic Drone Use ‘Should Be Stopped Early’

by NRO Staff

On Special Report Friday evening, Charles Krauthammer argued that the use of drones in government surveillance cases within the United States “should be stopped early” and should be “extremely rare.”

Drones must not be used for internal law enforcement except in the case of a natural disaster, such as a wildfire, or for a “very specific crime,” he explained. He believes that the process for obtaining a court warrant to use a drone should be “very, very strict.”

“What I think has to be made clear at the beginning of the entire era of drones,” Krauthammer stated, is that “we should never have it up there like a stationary camera in the streets of London” that allows law enforcement to continually monitor public and private spaces.

National Review editor Rich Lowry disagreed with Krauthammer, stating that drones are an “inevitable tool of law enforcement” that will be used. “Charles is just a Luddite,” he joked. 

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