Summer Essays

by Yuval Levin

The new summer issue of National Affairs is now online. In this issue:

  • James Pethokoukis explains why (and how) our biggest banks should be made smaller
  • Eli Lehrer offers a humane, responsible agenda for prison reform
  • Andrew Biggs proposes a new vision for a sustainable Social Security program
  • Chris Pope argues that when it comes to health care, the states are not the solution but the problem
  • Matthew Weinzierl explores the competing priorities behind our tax debates
  • Daniel Gade worries that VA benefits may be harming the very veterans they aim to serve
  • Jeff Anderson and Jay Cost propose a fundamental reform of the Republican presidential nominating process
  • George F. Will makes a secular case for American religion

If that’s not summer beach reading, I don’t know what is.

Some are available for free on our site, some only to subscribers, and here is where you can subscribe, to also get the magazine in print.