Rubio: Border Security Amendment Makes ‘Real Improvements’ to Immigration Bill

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Sen. Marco Rubio, appearing on On the Record Monday evening, declared that the Corker-Hoeven amendment makes “real improvements” to the Senate immigration bill.

He clarified that the amendment is only one hundred or so pages added to the original bill; the claim that it is over a thousand new pages is misleading, Rubio stated.

The Florida senator also explained that special provisions in the amendment, like the carve-out to the Alaskan seafood-processing companies, are not giveaways “like cash.” He argued that these different legal processes and different permits for foreigner workers are needed because the American immigration system is “regional” and “seasonal.”

Rubio confirmed that the Senate immigration bill does not deal with same-sex couples. Such a provision would “doom the bill to fail,” he said.

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