Coburn: ‘Dysfunctional’ Senate Now Has a ‘Rules Committee of Harry Reid Alone’

by Andrew Johnson

Harry Reid is the reason for the “dysfunctional” Senate, says Tom Coburn.

“The Senate is totally dysfunctional because it is now a U.S. House of Representatives with the Rules Committee of Harry Reid alone,” Coburn said on Morning Joe today. He complained that under Reid’s leadership, senators’ opportunities to bring amendments to the floor have declined significantly. Coburn said that only one of his amendments has been brought to the floor for vote.

Coburn said that the immigration-reform bill characterized the Senate’s processes under Reid: ”What we have is people write a bill over a weekend, it comes out, and we approve.”

“I think it’s the institution of Congress that is so void of leadership and principle,” the Oklahoma senator explained. “Everything’s measured in a political spectrum rather than in a policy spectrum.”

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