Drawing Lines and Religious Freedom

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Last week, on his Sirius XM radio show, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, discussed the continuing conundrum facing Church institutions and other religious citizens with conscience objections to aspects of the Obamacare’s Department of Health and Human Services abortion-drug, contraception, sterilization mandate. With the topic of civil disobedience after the August 1 “safe harbor” expiration date for religious entities raised, he said “we don’t want” an “apocalyptic scenario,” but, at the same time made clear that in the face of “doomsday,” the Church cannot comply. It’s long past time to “draw a line,” he said.

Are we a country that protects religious liberty or not? Thank God for people willing to ask that question and potentially suffer for it.

The Obama administration can still fix the problem, though. As the cardinal noted, we don’t have the final regulation yet. “We can’t violate our conscience. We hope the government will take the next step in the right direction,” he said. Having been lied to by the White House — as we all have been; remember the vice-presidential debate, for one thing? – the cardinal is far from naïve. “I don’t mind telling you, we’re nervous.  But we’re hoping for the best and we’re hoping that wise voices will prevail.”

“We pray, he said, “we don’t want to go to doomsday here.”

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