Not a Pretty Night in Texas

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

An “anti-abortion” bill was defeated last night in Austin and President Obama tweeted that it was “something special.” The eleven-hour filibuster circus, involved a cheerleading squad led by Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards, daughter of the late Texas governor Ann Richards, and the Twitter hashtag #StandwithWendy, which made an overnight celebrity of a Democratic legislator wearing pink sneakers (this was the most frequently mentioned fact).

Before the president’s tweet, the highlight of the Twitter circus may have been when NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts retweeted a Jill Biden parody account:

This is the seriousness with which we take debates about late-term abortion in America?

So a bill trying to protect unborn children after 20 weeks has been defeated, and we’re celebrating a victory for “women” and “health” and “freedom”? When do we get tired of this?

I recently corresponded with Deborah Edge (more to come), who used to work for Douglas Karpan, an abortionist who has been accused of killing live babies and is currently under investigation. She talks about holding women’s hands during late-term abortions. “You become desensitized to what you are seeing.  It’s almost like you are numb to it.  And you just keep thinking of the women and how you are ‘helping’ them.” She, like Abby Johnson, the former Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director who has become a pro-life activist, talks about the disconnect between the talking points and the reality. And about waking up, in her case, while assisting an ultrasound-guided abortion.

The brutality of late-term abortions helps no one, whatever cover late-term abortionists want to veil it in. (See Leroy Carhart.) Do we really feel no responsibility to do better? Of course, the good people who run maternity homes do and they are the abolitionists of today. Lend a hand to one today. You would be doing more to protect women’s health and help life than triumphalist tweeting does.

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