Nancy Pelosi’s SCOTUS Prayer

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

You may recall that Speaker of the House John Boehner retained Paul Clement as House counsel to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, because the president of the United States decided it was a law not worth defending.

“What a stale role to play in life,” former Speaker Nancy Pelosi said of Clement, who, you may recall, was driven out of his law firm for taking on the job.

That’s “tolerance.”

Before tweeting her support for Wendy Davis and the Texas spectacle, Pelosi wrote: 


Note to Pelosi: You’ve been one of Washington’s power brokers; if you wanted to “Embrace, Encourage, Empower” your ideology you could do it democratically, out in the open, with robust and honest debate. Or you can hope the Supreme Court pulls a Roe on marriage. 

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