Charges Dropped Against NYC EMT Who Let Pregnant Woman Die

by Ian Tuttle

Can someone be jailed just for being a horrible human being? The NY Post reports:

Melisa Jackson, 27, was in uniform and on-duty when she snuck away from her dispatcher job at FDNY headquarters in downtown Brooklyn in December 2009 to meet her EMT boyfriend in a nearby Au Bon Pain. But when pregnant Eutisha Rennix, 25, had a serious asthma attack, Jackson wouldn’t even walk into the back room to look at her.

Both Rennix and her unborn baby died.

But on Wednesday Jackson’s supervisor, who had originally supported the case against her, changed his mind, claiming the departmental rule initially cited against her — that if “flagged down” an on-duty EMT must treat a patient and notify dispatch — did not apply in Jackson’s case. Prosecutors said that without the support of Jackson’s supervisor, they could not sustain the criminal charge.

“Outside court Jackson refused to apologize to the Rennix family or accept any responsibility,” the Post adds — “and said she would do the same thing again.”

Perhaps Brooklyn EMS should consider hiring people who, you know, actually want to save lives.

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