by Kathryn Jean Lopez

It’s amazing what people will read into short blog posts and tweets — though I do consistently and increasingly believe authors should not hit “Publish” until they have time for multiple paragraphs (yes, talking to myself).

It is a fact that we’ve taken quite the journey in the last decades, whatever you think of it. And the balance of stewardship vs. radical revolutions seems off-kilter.

Contrary to popular opinion, I’m not crying into my laptop but working . . . 

 . . . and, although I don’t agree with his every conclusion, I am ever more convinced of the timeliness of Kevin Williamson’s new book, the key message of which is: Politics ain’t everything, friends.

If you’re looking for some reflective, sociologically rich reading this summer, Mary Eberstadt’s How the West Lost God is the way to go. I also think this one by George Weigel, is, too. For more than just Catholics. It helps understand how professed Catholics have been instrumental in some of these ideological shifts.