On Justice and Democracy Today

by Maggie Gallagher

Additional thoughts on the Prop 8 ruling:

The Supreme Court has just abandoned 7 million voters, giving us no justice and no access to the courts. . . . The majority of the Supreme Court justices simply punted unable to recognize a clear injustice in kicking out of court people who have devoted thousands of hours to the democratic process — and $3 million to the defense of the law — that the Court today treats as beggars with no interest in the outcome.

The good news is that Judge Walker’s decision has no precedential value. Marriage advocates now must look for a new way to get back in court to overturn his aggressive decision that marriage is rooted in hatred and bigotry, not as we understand it: in the love of husband and wife who can be mother and father to their children.

And more on DOMA.

Editor’s Note: This post has been amended since its initial posting.