Matthews: Issa Throwing ‘Stink Bombs’ at Obama Administration

by Lindsey Grudnicki


On Wednesday’s Hardball, Chris Matthews asked Rep. Elijah Cummings about the House Oversight Committee’s investigation of the IRS, questioning whether the statements being made by Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the committee, are accurate.

Cummings said that the interviews being conducted by the Oversight Committee “have shown no political involvement in this episode, no White House involvement whatsoever” in the IRS’s activities. He blamed the targeting of conservative groups by the agency on the initiative of a Republican employee in the Cincinnati office.

The statements thrown out by Issa implicating Washington in the matter are based “on no evidence whatsoever,” the Democrat from Maryland argued. People have assumed Issa had evidence, and Cummings hinted that this assumption has developed conspiracy theories about President Obama targeting his political opponents. He believes that the  “integrity of the committee” is being compromised by the chairman’s words.

Matthews agreed that Issa is simply throwing “stink bombs” at the Obama administration.

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