Lerner, Former Commissioners Not in Latest IRS Report

by Andrew Johnson

“I did not” was the repeated response of acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel to whether he spoke with key players involved in the agency’s targeting of conservative groups. Werfel told the House Ways and Means Committee this morning that he did not speak with former commissioners Doug Shulman and Steve Miller, or with Lois Lerner, head of the IRS’s tax-exempt division.

“Your initial conclusion that the IRS found no evidence of intentional wrongdoing by IRS personnel, given the number of key players that you did not talk to . . .  is not an initial conclusion, but an incomplete one,” committee chairman Dave Camp said to Werfel.

Lerner, Miller, and Shulman served in their respective positions at the IRS during the time of the targeting.

Werfel came before the committee to answer questions about the agency’s 30-day report on the changes at the IRS.

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