Bill Moyers on Clarence Thomas: ‘Pulled the Ladder Up After Him’ with VRA Ruling

by Andrew Johnson

Longtime journalist Bill Moyers believes that former president Lyndon Baines Johnson is rolling over in his grave after Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas sided with the majority in this week’s Shelby County v. Holder ruling. Moyers served as Johnson’s press secretary for almost two years.

“You know what [Johnson] would say?” Moyers told Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert. “He doesn’t understand why Clarence Thomas, who would not be on the Supreme Court had it not been for the Voting Rights Act, pulled the ladder up after him.”

Moyers said the Supreme Court’s decision is a “betrayal of their martyrdom,” referring to various civil-rights leaders in the 1960’s. The Court said, “It’s going to be okay for you to go back and try to put discriminatory laws against voting in different places.”

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