Krauthammer’s Take: IRS Tactics Are ‘Stonewalling 101’

by NRO Staff

Speaking on Special Report Thursday night, Charles Krauthammer argued that the IRS, under its new chief, Danny Werfel, is misleading and delaying any real investigation. “You have Werfel out there who speaks in word salad,” said Krauthammer, “he speaks, but there’s nothing, not any ounce of meaning coming out.”  

Krauthammer argued that it would be better to hear from the independent investigation being conducted by the FBI, rather than rely solely on the IRS’s internal investigation.

He also discredited the popular line on the left that conservative groups were not exclusively targeted, but that progressive groups were on the “Be on the Lookout” list as well.

The IRS is “muddying the waters by pretending that the liberal groups were also scrutinized,” said Krauthammer, “the IRS was caught red-handed scrutinizing, harassing, delaying clearly one kind of group based on ideology, there’s no way to explain it away.”

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