Eye Witness: Trayvon Martin Was On Top of Zimmerman, Looked Like ‘Pound and Ground’

by Dimitrios Halikias

John Good, testifying today in the George Zimmerman trial, recounted the fight he saw between Zimmerman and Martin just minutes before Martin was shot and killed.

Good said he saw Zimmerman down on the ground, with Martin on top of him. He compared the scene to a mixed martial arts technique called “pound and ground,” in which the combatant on top takes the “dominant position” by pinning down the person beneath him and striking him repeatedly, and said he went inside to call the police when the gunshot went off.

The witness could not confirm that Martin was striking Zimmerman in the face, but did say that he saw “arm movement going downward” from Martin. Good also testified that he could not confirm, but thinks it is likely that the cries for help came from Zimmerman, on the bottom.

Good’s testimony today contradicts the testimony from a witness called to the stand yesterday, who claimed she saw Zimmerman on top of Martin.

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