MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Paula Deen Was ‘Confused’ By Accepted ‘Racism in Our Food Industry’

by Andrew Johnson

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry gave a pseudo-defense of Paula Deen this afternoon, saying the celebrity chef was likely “confused” by the racist imagery that plagues the food industry. “I could understand why she’d be confused given the Aunt Jemima box and given Popeye’s,” she explained as some examples.

Harris-Perry was following up on the argument of another panelist, Demos’s Heather McGhee, who says that, compared to previous generations, “there is so much more that is racist today in the way that corporations have power” to promote racism; the practice has become “structural and unconscious.” For instance, the Aunt Jemima brand is not only about selling the pancake, but also “this Southern mystique through food,” she explained.

“Maybe [Deen] is confused when we accept so much racism in our food industry,” Harris-Perry concluded.

Via Mediaite.

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