TX State Senator Says Wendy Davis Will Lose Reelection Because of Abortion Filibuster

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Texas state senator Dan Patrick criticized Wendy Davis’s filibuster in opposition to SB 5 on Laura Ingraham’s radio program this morning, remarking that in attacking the bill, Davis seemed to be advocating for “lower standards for abortion clinics.”

“The idea that the Democrats stood there on the floor and people around them cheered . . . hurts your heart,” he said, adding that Davis’s reasons for filibustering are “hard to understand.” 

Though the bill’s prohibition against late-term abortions has garnered the most attention, Patrick believes that the failure of clinics to meet health standards is a terrible reality that needs to be remedied. “If a woman has an abortion, no matter how much I disagree with her, I value her life,” he asserted. Patrick said that supporters of the bill want to set “a standard of care” to keep women safe.

Patrick also expressed his opinion that her filibuster could be bad for Davis politically. “After this, she will lose” reelection, the Republican state senator told Ingraham, because Texas is the “most pro-life state.” 

Patrick said that he is determined to “stand up and call the question” in the state senate if Davis tries to block the bill again during today’s special session.

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