Barletta: Senate Immigration Bill Has ‘No Chance Moving Forward’ in House

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Congressman Lou Barletta voiced serious concerns on Laura Ingraham’s radio show this morning about the Senate immigration bill as the debate shifts to the House this week. The Republican representative from Pennsylvania highlighted the weaknesses of the border-surge amendment.

Barletta referred to the Corker-Hoeven amendment as a “paper tiger” that “creates the image of strength while in reality it is the opposite.” The House needs to see through the guise, he said, and acknowledge that the amendment’s 2021 deadline for fencing and border agents is intended to “skew the costs” of the measures. Barletta emphasized that the Senate bill will cost trillions. 

A member of the House Homeland Security Committee, Barletta stated that the Senate’s comprehensive bill “will have no chance moving forward” in the House. What comes out of the conference to reconcile the Senate and House bills, however, “will depend on the conferees,” he said, adding that the choice of conferees should be closely scrutinized.



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