GOP Congressman to David Brooks: ‘Don’t Put Words in My Mouth’

by Katrina Trinko

Representative Raul Labrador (R., Idaho) and New York Times columnist David Brooks had a heated exchange today.

Discussing immigration, Labrador, who was formerly a member of the House immigration gang, said on Meet the Press, “If you listen to what the CBO said, they said it’s going to be [between] a third and 50 percent reduction in illegal immigration.”

“That means that every five years we’re going to have to do another Reagan amnesty,” he added. “What the American people want is a secure border.”

“The CBO said that it would reduce it by a third to 50 percent,” Brooks responded. “What I hear the congressman saying is he won’t support it unless it is 100 percent because we’d have to go back and do a Reagan.”

“That’s not what I said,” shot back Labrador. “Don’t put words in my mouth.”

Brooks responded, “Okay,” and continued to discuss immigration.

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