Invitation to a Parade

by NRO Staff

In recent weeks, a television talk show has been playing on various public-TV stations. It is The Human Parade, with Jay Nordlinger. The show is an hour long, and features a guest per episode. These guests are Renée Fleming, the soprano; Ed Koch, the late New York mayor; Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida; Bernard Lewis, the Middle East scholar; Ignat Solzhenitsyn, the pianist and conductor; and Mark Helprin, the novelist.

For the show’s website, go here.

In coming days, the show can be seen on the following stations: WCNY in Syracuse; WBCC in the Orlando area; WQPT in the Davenport area; KSMQ in the Rochester, Minn., area; KENW in the Amarillo area; KBDI in the Denver area; KCSM in the San Francisco area; and KUAC out in Fairbanks. Interested readers and viewers in those areas may consult their local listings.

And we will keep you updated, as to further opportunities to view the show. Each of the guests is a sparkling conversationalist with a rich life experience.

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