Blunt Quarrels with NYT

by Michael Polito

In an article last week, the New York Times sought to reframe the IRS scandal as an effort that broadly investigated the tax status of many groups, pushing back against the idea that bureaucrats targeted conservatives.

The article went on to quote various Republicans who were supposedly “backing off” earlier suggestions that the Obama administration was significantly involved in the I.R.S.’s evaluation of conservative organizations. One of the mentioned Republicans was Senator Roy Blunt:

Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri, said that in retrospect, suggestions that Mr. Obama had orchestrated an I.R.S. attack on his political enemies were unwarranted.

Amber Marchand, Blunt’s communications director, tells NRO that the Times mischaracterized Blunt’s position, and says the use of the word “unwarranted” is misleading.

“If you look at the senator’s quote in the same story, he actually states the opposite,” Marchand says. Blunt was quoted in the story as saying, “I don’t have any reason to believe there wasn’t targeting of conservatives, but it might well have been a lot more than that as well.”

She adds: “Senator Blunt has — and will continue — to call attention to and criticize the Obama administration’s unprecedented and unwarranted efforts to target conservative organizations and other Americans.”

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