Bush Campaigns for Immigration Reform

by Robert Costa

Former president George W. Bush is wading into the immigration debate. Earlier today, he spoke at a naturalization ceremony in Dallas. “Our immigrant heritage has enriched America’s history,” he said. “It continues to shape our society.  Each generation of Americans — of immigrants — brings a renewal to our national character and adds vitality to our culture.  Newcomers have a special way of appreciating the opportunities of America, and when they seize those opportunities, our whole nation benefits.”

“We’re also a nation of laws, and we must enforce our laws,” he continued. “America can be a lawful society and a welcoming society at the same time.  We can uphold our traditions of assimilating immigrants and honoring our heritage as a nation built on the rule of law.  But we have a problem.  The laws governing the immigration system are broken.  The system is broken.”

To further the cause, the Bush Center, which is part of the president’s library, just published a video about the benefits of immigration:

Bush has not explicity endorsed any legislation related to immigation. But as the debate unfolds in the House of Representatives, it’s clear that he’s supportive of reform and hopeful that Congress will act.

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