More on Leaf Clean Energy

by Will Allen

I wrote this post for the Corner last night. Jim Potochny, the chief financial officer of Leaf, writes in to object to a number of points:

1. Terry McAuliffe does not have and has never had any commercial relationship of any kind with Leaf Clean Energy Company or any affiliate of Leaf Clean Energy Company.
2. Any previous reporting to the contrary by the Tidewater News is factually incorrect and we have written to the publication to correct the article.  We presume the author was mistaken or that Mr. McAuliffe was  misquoted.
3. Leaf Clean Energy Company has no involvement in the Franklin Pellet project.
4. Peter O’Keefe is a non-executive director of Leaf Clean Energy Company and also happens to be a principle in CMI.  Mr. O’Keefe is the only connection between CMI and Leaf Clean Energy Company, and there is no other commercial relationship of any kind between Leaf Clean Energy Company and CMI.

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