McConnell to Reid: Do You Want Your Tombstone To Read ‘Presided Over the End of the Senate’?

by Andrew Johnson

Senators Lamar Alexander and Mitch McConnell warned Harry Reid that if he proceeds with the “nuclear option” on filibuster reform, the legacy will follow him to the grave.

“As Senator Alexander noted, no majority leader wants written on his tombstone that he presided over the end of the Senate,” Minority Leader McConnell said on the floor, echoing his Tennessee colleague’s comments from earlier in the day. “If this majority leader caves to the fringes and allows that to happen, I’m afraid that’s exactly what they’ll write.”

Some Democrats are pushing for changes to the filibuster rules on the grounds that Republicans are using 60-vote threshold to unfairly hold up nominations by President Obama.

McConnell used Reid’s own words on changing the filibuster rules against him: “Breaking the rules to change the rules,” a term Reid used to describe the nuclear option in 2005, “is un-American.”

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