Judge: ‘If I Have Made A Mistake In This Case, You Will Appeal’

by Dimitrios Halikias

Judge Debra Nelson butted heads with defense attorney Don West once again in a pre-trial hearing today — this time regarding the instructions the jury will be given in the George Zimmerman trial. “If I have made a mistake in this case, you will appeal,” she said as she struck an objection. 

West asked for the court to specify in the instructions that it was not illegal for Zimmerman to follow Trayvon Martin, contending, “It would be an improper argument of the law if the state were allowed to suggest to this jury that it is unlawful for someone to follow another individual by car or by foot” and that “to make that argument would mislead the jury as to the law.”

Nelson, however, struck down West’s request and when the defense attorney objected, cut him off and scolded him for his frequent objections. “Do not continue to argue with the court,” she said. “If there is a conviction, it will get appealed to a higher court and they can determine whether or not I’ve made a mistake.”

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