Boehner Fires Back at Biased Questioner: ‘I Didn’t Know This Was an Opinion Show’

by Andrew Johnson

At his weekly press conference, Speaker John Boehner called out a reporter for seemingly partisan question about the GOP’s relationship with Hispanics that contended the party could become “all white folks.”

NBC News’s Luke Russert started off by telling Boehner, “it’s well known you guys got your rear ends handed to you in the Latino community in the 2012 election,” and harped on the potential demographic challenges that face the party. “Do you not risk putting Republicans at a disadvantage with the fastest-growing electoral voting group for another generation?” Russert eventually asked.

“I didn’t know this was an opinion show here,” Boehner fired back. He reiterated that the House would take its own approach to immigration reform, rather than taking up the Senate bill.

As Boehner tried to step away from the lectern, Russert asked him about the Republican “brand” with the Hispanic community and whether they planned to win the presidency in the future with ”all white folks.” Boehner told him the House’s stance on immigration was “more about doing the right thing for the country.”

Russert, son of the late Meet the Press moderator Tim, is an NBC News Capitol Hill correspondent, and has appeared on MSNBC opinion-show panels, such as The Cycle and Now with Alex Wagner.

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