Carney Dismisses Obama’s Past Comments Opposing Filibuster Reform: Situation Is ‘Different Than It Was in 2005’

by Andrew Johnson

In 2005, then-Senator Obama called the “nuclear option” on filibuster rules the “end of democratic debate.” But, according to the White House, Harry Reid’s ongoing efforts to make similar potential changes to the rules are appropriate because “the world today is quite different than it was in 2005.”

Press secretary Jay Carney blamed “Republican obstructionism” over the president’s nominees as triggering the reexamination of the issue (Republicans are arguing that the three nominees in questions were “unlawfully appointed“). Carney defended Reid’s efforts but said the administration would ultimately “defer to [Reid] on Senate procedure.”

While serving as an Illinois senator, Obama warned the Senate’s “gridlock will only get worse” if the “nuclear option” was employed.

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