Brian Lamb Was Angry

by Mona Charen


This week on Need to Know, Jay and I are joined by “National Treasure” Brian Lamb. We learn why he was angry when he founded C-SPAN, what he thinks about the press, and what he thinks the future holds for the public affairs network. 

    Jay can’t get over the feeling that Brian’s voice is like the Walter Cronkite of our generation. Oh, and Brian is very frank about public figures (like Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton) who cash in.

    After bidding Brian farewell (and introducing Jay to Brenda Lee) we go slumming – that is, we talk of mayoral and comptroller races in New York City.

    Then it’s on to the District of Columbia and Walmart, a glance at the Middle East, and a summery detour into vegetables (was Obama being honest when he claimed to love broccoli?) and movies.

We hope you’ll join us for an uncharacteristically cheerful Need to Know.


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