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McConnell on Past ‘Nuclear Option’ Push by GOP: ‘Glad We Didn’t Do It,’ ‘Cooler Heads Prevailed’


Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) retracted his previous justification for the “nuclear option” on filibuster reform that Senator Harry Reid (D., Nev.), the current majority leader, is now threatening to deploy, saying it would have been “a mistake for the long-term future of the Senate and the country.”

“I’m glad we didn’t do it,” McConnell said after Meet the Press moderator David Gregory played a 2005 clip of him advocating the option. “We went to the brink and we pulled back because cooler heads prevailed.”

McConnell blasted Reid on the Senate floor this week by warning that Reid will have “presided over the end of the Senate” if he changes the filibuster rules and will “be remembered as the worst leader of the Senate ever.”


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