Netanyahu: Iran ‘Most Urgent Matter of All’ in Middle East, Not Egypt or Syria

by Andrew Johnson

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned other countries to not lose sight of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons amid other issues facing the region. Even though the crises in Syria and Egypt are important, Netanyahu explained on Face the Nation, they “would be dwarfed by this messianic, apocalyptic, extreme regime.”

“I have a sense that there is no sense of urgency on Iran, and yet Iran is the most important and the most urgent matter of all,” he said. He added that Israel’s “clocks are ticking at a different pace” than those of the United States and other countries, and it may have to act sooner.

Earlier in the interview, Netanyahu warned that world leaders should be wary of the newly elected Iranian president, Hassan Rohani, who shares Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s goals despite being labeled more moderate. “His strategy is being a wolf in sheep’s clothing: Smile and build a bomb,” he said.

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