MSNBC Anchor to Contributor: Your Kids Are ‘American Trifecta of Privilege’

by Andrew Johnson

MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts informed contributor Mike Barnicle that Barnicle’s sons have “hit the American trifecta of privilege” in ways that Trayvon Martin and others have not. 

Barnicle was describing how “truly unsettling” he found it that he didn’t have to worry about warning his sons how to behave around law enforcement because they are white when Thomas Roberts interjected.

“With all due respect, your three boys have hit the American trifecta of privilege,” Roberts told Barnicle on Morning Joe. “They are white, straight males, presumably.”

“If you are an ‘other’ in this country,” Roberts said, ”and that means if you are an LGBT, if you are hispanic, if you are black, if you are a woman, right now, we are fighting to prove why ‘other’ is not bad, and why we are due the value of American rights.”

“Trayvon’s rights were obviously violated,” he continued. ”Stalked, followed, presumed to be suspicious from the get-go.” 

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