Zimmerman Isn’t Guilty, But What About the Media?

by Jack Fowler

Asked and answered by our pal Bernie Goldberg in his new column. The ending:

The single biggest reason the trial got so much attention is because it played into a narrative, a false one to be sure, but one that many blacks and many white liberals love to perpetuate. It’s the Great American Drama about how white people get away with not only oppressing black people, but even get away with killing them. Isn’t that what Tavis Smiley meant when he said, “For many Americans [the verdict] is another piece of evidence of the incontrovertible contempt that this nation often shows and displays for black men.”

Someone needs to tell Mr. Smiley, the Reverend Sharpton, the civil rights establishment and white liberals both in and out of the media that we are no longer living in 1955 Mississippi. If there is a crime involving two races today, the victim is most likely going to be white and the criminal is most likely going to be black – not the other way around. That may be one more thing polite people aren’t supposed to say out loud – and certainly not in public.

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