Putin Makes Light of Snowden

by Sterling Beard

NSA leaker Edward Snowden has requested asylum in Russia, according to the Associated Press.

It’s unclear whether or not the Kremlin’s Federal Migration Service will grant the request. Russian president Vladimir Putin hasn’t hinted much one way or the other, though the Kremlin says that the decision will not be made by him

Putin complained about the situation to a group of Russian geography students yesterday, according to the New York Times. The president noted that Snowden had not been invited into Russia and accused the United States of intimidating other countries to keep them from granting him asylum. “Such a present for us for Christmas,” Putin joked. 

Putin also said that he’d made an offer of asylum to Snowden before on the condition that he stop leaking information, but Snowden declined because he wanted to “fight for human rights.” The anecdote drew laughter from the students. 

Snowden is believed to be living in the transit terminal of Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. 

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