Jeantel Explains Racial Terms, Reacts to Zimmerman Verdict on CNN

Star witness Rachel Jeantel gave Piers Morgan a full lesson last night on what she considers to be the definitions of the race-based terms, such as “cracka” and “n*gga, that she used during the Zimmerman trial. She explained to Morgan that those words are not, in fact, racist.

For instance, she detailed, “cracka,” spelled with an “a” at the end, no longer refers to white people, but instead applies to any “person who acts like they’re a police, like a security guard.”

She later elaborated on the difference between “n*gga” and “n*gger,” which according to Jeantel, took on a new spelling and meaning around the year 2000. “They started spelling it ‘n*gga,’” said Jeantel, and it could be applied to any kind of male – black, white, Hispanic, and even Chinese. However, the original spelling and pronunciation of the word (ending with “-er”) remains a racist word, she explained.

Jeantel told Morgan that she was “disappointed, upset, angry, question, [sic] and mad” by the jury’s decision to acquit Zimmerman. She went on to explain that the acquittal was “b.s., just b.s.” and that the jurors acted on “just their opinions. . . . That’s the problem in this case.”

Jeantel also told Morgan that Martin reacted to being followed by Zimmerman as if he were being stalked by a rapist. Jeantel said that Martin’s decision to run away from Zimmerman was exactly what any parent would have instructed a child to do. “When you tell your child when you see a grown child following you, ‘run away,’” said Jeantel, “if you tell your child stand there, we gonna see your child on the news, for missing person.”

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