Florida Conservatives Want to Recall Rubio — First They Just Have to Pass a Law Making It Possible

by Betsy Woodruff

That’s how you know they’re playing the long game. KrisAnne Hall, a radio host who teaches seminars on the Constitution, tells National Review Online that she and a number of other Florida-based conservative activists hope to recall Senator Marco Rubio. But there’s one catch: You can’t recall U.S. senators in Florida. But that isn’t stopping them. Hall says she and others are working to draft state legislation that would allow for senators to face recall votes. She says that once they put the legislation together, they plan to muster support from grassroots activists, get the Florida state legislature to pass the bill, and then recall the senator, who next faces reelection in 2016.

Hall tells me that the tea-party voters who put Rubio in office are frustrated with his career thus far, especially his support for the Gang of Eight’s immigration legislation.

“They’re done with him,” she says of Florida’s tea-party activists. “They’re not voting for him and they’re angry. They’re angry because they feel they’ve been deceived.”

As an interesting side note, there’s already a petition calling for Rubio’s recall, and it’s gotten more than 3,500 signatures. Breitbart’s Javier Manjarres reported on it here. “Conservatives who backed Rubio in 2010 are calling for his head,” he wrote. “No, they are not really calling for his head, but are calling for his job.”

That petition, however, wasn’t actually put together by conservatives. WatchdogWire reported on June 29 (a day before the Breitbart story was published) that the petition was actually started by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Per WatchdogWire, signatories receive an email saying,

Thank you for taking action through Care2 to protect America’s middle class and to keep our country moving forward. The DCCC is committed to supporting Democrats across the country because the success of President Obama’s agenda depends on a strongDemocratic majority.

Who knows? Maybe conservatives’ recall legislation will get bipartisan support.

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