Krauthammer’s Take: Eric Holder Handled Zimmerman Case Well

by NRO Staff

Speaking today on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer praised attorney general Eric Holder’s speech before the NAACP on the George Zimmerman trial. In his speech, Holder respected the jury’s decision to acquit Zimmerman and tried to shift the focus of the debate away from civil rights and towards the “stand your ground” self-defense laws.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever accused the attorney general of deftness,” said Krauthammer, “but he sure did this well I think.” Krauthammer argued that despite enormous pressure from politicians and groups like the NAACP, Holder made the correct decision to not pursue a likely futile civil rights case.

Krauthammer acknowledged that there is a legitimate debate to be had over self-defense laws and that choosing to set aside racial charges will be good for the country and good for the still-persecuted George Zimmerman. 

Later in the show, host Bret Baier observed that this is the third night in a row Krauthammer has praised the administration, leading Krauthammer to joke: “Once more and I go into rehab.” 

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