Smiley: Racial Tension Threatens American Democracy

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Appearing on The O’Reilly Factor on Tuesday, Tavis Smiley stated that “race is still the most intractable issue in this country.” He proclaimed that when it is deemed permissible for an adult like George Zimmerman to “profile and stalk and kill a child” based his looks, American “democracy is threatened.”

“If Trayvon Martin had been Mark Zuckerberg, the most well-known white guy in America who walks around with hoodies on every day, he wouldn’t have been stalked,” Smiley contended.

O’Reilly then questioned his guest on the specifics of the Zimmerman trial itself. Smiley admitted that though the trial was fair under the law, but “it’s the law that I have a problem with,” he explained. He believes the Zimmerman’s right to “stand his ground” is rooted in the nation’s prejudiced view of black men “as a menace to society.”



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