Tonight from Los Angeles

by Jack Dunphy

I was off duty last night and watched the goings-on in South Los Angeles on television. As noted in my previous post, it was apparent that the official posture of the LAPD was one of non-confrontation. Activist Najee Ali praised the department for exercising “remarkable restraint,” even as groups of so-called protesters broke away from a peaceful gathering and rampaged through the streets. Surely these people were emboldened when police officers failed to quell the first acts of lawlessness.  I suspect those who were assaulted, robbed, or had their property vandalized are less enthusiastic in their praise for all that police restraint. LAPD Chief Charlie Beck promises a more aggressive response tonight should things go badly again. We’ll see.

— Jack Dunphy is an officer in the Los Angeles Police Department. “Jack Dunphy” is the author’s nom de cyber.