Alternate Zimmerman Juror Approves of Verdict, Expresses Fears for Safety

by Lindsey Grudnicki

Alternate juror E54 (the sole male who sat in the jury box) gave an exclusive interview on Fox News on Wednesday, offering his thoughts about the George Zimmerman trial.

The alternate juror stated that he thought the jury reached an “accurate verdict” and “did what it was asked to do” under the law. He remarked that he was “proud as heck” of the six women jurors, whom he says were “like sisters” to him during the long days of court proceedings. Though relieved when he was dismissed, he expressed regret that he had not been able to be part of the final decision.

E54 further explained that there “really wasn’t any argument” among the jurors and that “Stand Your Ground wasn’t an issue” they discussed. Though the coverage has not surprised him, he admitted that he only learned about the national attention the trial was receiving once he was relieved from his duties.

Later in the interview, the alternate juror said that he was “struck” that the state prosecutors “presented no details, no evidence” to make their case. When asked whether he was concerned for his safety and the safety of the women jurors, he said “absolutely” and that it was “too early” for their identities to be revealed to the public.

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