Manchin: ‘Trim Job’ Not Enough for Obamacare, Needs ‘a Pretty Good Haircut’

by Andrew Johnson

Senator Joe Manchin bucked his own party this morning and slammed Obamacare’s “far-reaching tentacles and ramifications.” He also criticized it for running counter to American values.

“As Americans, we don’t like to be told what we have to do,” the West Virginia Democrat said on Fox News,”and if we don’t do it, you’re going to penalize me as my country, as my government.”

Coming from a union-heavy state, Manchin expressed that union leaders are “concerned” about the law affecting employees’ hours and jobs, especially with the continued uncertainty of the law’s implementation and delays.

“There’s a lot of things that aren’t answered,” he said. “And it’s got to be addressed and fixed.”

Manchin’s tone on the bill has changed since it was originally debated in Congress. While Manchin was not a senator at the bill’s passage, he voiced support for it as governor of West Virginia. He has since reneged on his support, saying that he would not have backed it if he had been aware of all it entailed.

Manchin said he would rather see changes that encourage and incentivize people to be healthy, because “everyone can’t have total, unlimited, unbridled access.”

“People have to be held accountable and responsible for their own health, just one size doesn’t fit all,” he said.

“This is not a trim job,” he said of the needed changes to the bill. “This is a pretty good haircut that has to be looked upon.”

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