Joe Scarborough Calls Zimmerman A ‘Racist Idiot’

by Dimitrios Halikias

Joe Scarborough wrote today that he believes George Zimmerman is “a racist idiot who chased an unarmed teenager through a neighborhood for little reason more than he was a black man wearing a hoodie.”

The comment came in a Politico column that criticized the “repulsive” political commentary from both left and right on the Zimmerman trial and the shooting of Trayvon Martin.

The Zimmerman verdict showed just how politicized every speck of American life has become for a hyper-partisan political class that has little in common with most Americans. In fact, they are probably why most Americans hate politics.

Scarborough argued that the commentary surrounding the shooting spoke to America’s increasingly “vulgar” political culture. But he expressed particular frustration towards many conservatives commentators, whom he said “were offensive in their reflexive defense of Zimmerman, as well as their efforts to attack the integrity of a dead black teenager.” 

He concluded by arguing that the conservative response to the shooting is indicative of why many African Americans believe Republicans to be out of touch and out of date when it comes to race relations.

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