British Woman Finally Comes Up With Surgery NHS Won’t Pay For

by Patrick Brennan

The Sun reports on a 58-year-old British woman who has a rare psychological disorder that makes her dream of being a parapalegic. Having tried to force the physical disability on herself by refusing a polio vaccine in childhood and later riding a bike off of a 4-foot high stage and going to Utah to ski especially recklessly, she’s now decided she’ll have to resort to surgery. “My dream is to find a surgeon who will operate on my spine to stop my legs working,” she told the paper. While she did find a doctor abroad who was willing to perform the surgery, it would cost $24,000 that she doesn’t have, so her dream remains deferred.

Britain’s public health service, the NHS, covers all manner of other surgeries: More than 1,000 people have received sex-change operations on the government’s tab since 1999, when a court ruled that Britons had a right to the procedure. One man who received a $38,000 operation to turn him into a woman resembling the pop star Rihanna.

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