Venezuela’s President Says Zimmerman Verdict Evidence of American ‘Repression’

by Sterling Beard

Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela’s new president, has charged that the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman and the U.S. government’s pursuit of NSA leaker Edward Snowden is evidence of “repression in the United States.”

As reported by Reuters, Maduro was firing back at Samantha Power, President Obama’s nominee for envoy to the United Nations, who said in a confirmation hearing Wednesday that there had been an authoritarian crackdown in the South American country.

Maduro took to state television to demand a retraction and berate the United States. “Power says she’ll fight repression in Venezuela? What repression? There is repression in the United States, where they kill African-Americans with impunity, and where they hunt the youngster Edward Snowden just for telling the truth,” Maduro said.

Venezuela has offered Snowden asylum, but he remains in Russia for now.

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