Top Obama Officials More Likely to Be Oxford Grads than Texans

by Katherine Connell

National Journal’s analysis of 250 top officials in the Obama administration finds that it is “the most diverse administration yet: fewer than half of the top posts are occupied by white men.”

Beyond the skin-deep diversity, though, it’s a remarkably uniform group. They overwhelmingly hail from private elite universities and blue states. Forty percent have a degree from an Ivy League school, with Harvard topping the list.

Only a quarter of those holding graduate degrees received them from a public university — top Obama officials are more likely to have received a grad degree from Oxford University than from a public school.

Eighty-two percent of the group grew up in states that went for Obama in the last election, and more than a third come from the Northeast. Texas, National Journal notes, is “severely underrepresented.” Only four of the top officials surveyed grew up in Texas, though it’s the second most populous state. “You’re more likely to find someone who grew up overseas working in the top ranks of the administration than someone who grew up in Texas,” they found. 

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